Natural Cosmetics: Beauty and Health do go Hand in Hand

The cosmetic industry is a very old one. The usage of beauty products can be traced back to the Egyptians in 4000BC. One of the more famous personalities from that era, who is associated with beauty and cosmetics is Queen Cleopatra herself.

Back in those days they derived oils and scents from exotic plants and used kohl to line their eyes. The industry over the centuries has seen drastic changes.

As more and more chemical substitutes were discovered, the cosmetics industry started growing leaps and bounds. Today, the industry is worth a whopping $425 billion dollars. With major companies bringing in famous celebrities to endorse their brands, millions of people spend huge sums of money on their products without actually researching about them.

Although synthetic cosmetics provide short-term beauty solutions, they have a lot of drawbacks. Artificial cosmetics are a complex combination of various chemicals which have adverse effects on the skin. Most, if not all, synthetic cosmetics contain parabens. These are parahydroxybenzoates, used as preservatives in the synthetic cosmetic products. Reseach conducted by the United States National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that parabens, depending on the type and sensitivity of the skin, can cause irritation, breast cancer, skin ageing and DNA damage to name a few. They have also been known to disrupt oestrogen production.

People tend to forget that it is important to let the skin ‘breathe’. Synthetic cosmetics clog the pores in the skin. This hinders precipitation and the skin becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. This is a major cause of pimples and acne.

Over the past decade, due to increasing awareness about the harmful effects of artificial cosmetic products, the demand for natural cosmetics has gradually increased. Organic and natural cosmetics are made from completely natural ingredients. They are synthetic chemical free and are equally effective.

One of the most important things about natural cosmetics is that they don’t contain any parabens. Since there are no artificially synthesized chemicals involved, they rarely cause any irritation to the skin and don’t really have any side effects. Another advantage of using natural cosmetics is that they contain only natural scents that are rather mild. Hence users get a soothing aroma instead of the heavy, usually annoying tang.

People should be aware of the fact that the skin assimilates more than 60% of the products applied on it. So people should be cautious about the cosmetics they use. Using products that contain only natural raw materials and natural derivatives, nourishes the skin, giving it a youthful and radiant look.

With people slowly shifting towards more natural options, Grand View Research has estimated that the organic beauty industry would be worth around $15.98 billion by the year 2020.

Even today, people all over the world use contemporary, lab synthesized, artificial and potentially harmful cosmetics. It is high time they switched to natural alternatives for a better health.