Fashion Predicaments of an Organic Thinker

‘Fashion’ – Rachel Green’s greatest passion and my worst nightmare. For years my mum choose what I wore and man she was good at it. Unfortunately for me, I grew up, graduated and had to move out in search of a job. In the two years that I’ve lived alone, you could say I’ve not done so bad for myself bar one thing – clothes. People sometimes have an off day, you know, days when their dressing sense goes all wrong. Not for me. No sir! For me every day was wardrobe malfunction day. I could never get it right. It didn’t bother me initially but gradually I got very frustrated. So I did the two things someone in my place would do – fashion magazines and Instagram celebrities (Hey! I’m a single, lonely man living in a metropolitan. Don’t judge me!)

Real Fashion is Slow

I got a lot of fashion ideas alright. But more importantly, I was enlightened about organic clothing and responsible fashion. I have always been an environmentalist, doing my little part to make the world a little better and this was something I really wanted to do. Many have told me that slow fashion was only for the rich and I could see why. But I knew that if I planned properly, then I could definitely afford it. People may say I am stupid for not choosing the cheaper option, they could brand me ‘a show-off’ but I couldn’t care less because at the end of the day what I wore had a conscience.

I have never bought anything extravagant. Fashion, I learnt, is all about what you want. For me, it has to be simple yet elegant. I looked at major fashion designers, especially those inclined towards slow fashion, and focused not on what they designed but rather on what they wore. These people knew their daily wear very well or they wouldn’t be who they are today. It was always plain and simple, and yet very classy. It was all in the way they wore it – a fold here, a crease there, it was very bustle yet important. It was those small changes that differentiated a dork from a dude.

Fashion, after all, is what you want it to be!

As a millennial I know that most of my peers, or at least those not bitten by the ‘swag’ bug, don’t care much for looks. I personally think they should! Like many of them, I too don’t care much about what others think of me but I have learnt that looking fresh and smart isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why? It actually helps increase self-confidence.

So dress smartly! Say goodbye to all the big time retailers and start supporting the dress makers at home. Choose organic – it’s good for your skin and nature. Choose handmade – empower the poor. Choose upcycled – say hello to waste and remember, people talk because that’s what people do. The whole wide world is yours, go make your own fashion statement and do make a responsible one.


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