Greenstitched Film Festival: Bengaluru’s first ever screening of Sustainable Fashion Documentaries

Bangalore’s first ever film festival around sustainable fashion will be held on the 18th of February, 2017. At the GFF, they will be screening a series of documentaries on the importance of responsible and sustainable fashion. The event is organized by sustainable apparel blogging portal, GreenStitched in collaboration with EcoFolk and NIFT Bangalore.

The objective of the event is to create awareness about the textile industry. Today, the textile industry is a major contributor to the rising environmental pollution, second only to the oil industry. Even with ongoing research for sustainable fuel alternatives, the textile industry already has viable options in the form of organic clothes. We as consumers need to embrace it and give up fast fashion.

Sustainable fashion isn’t just about tackling pollution. It also involves creating job opportunities to traditional weavers on handlooms and designing clothes that are cruelty-free, i.e., where no animals are harmed during the procurement of the fibre, mainly wool, silk and leather.

The films, apart from the environmental issues, will also talk about the issues faced by the handloom weavers and the upsides of using organic fibres.

The event will bring together students, professionals and anyone who is curious about sustainable fashion. The films that will be screened include Weaves of Maheshwar, Unravel and Frontline Fashion among others. Some of the critically acclaimed movies are being screened in India for the first time.



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