When Waste Went Up the Wall rather than Out the Window!

Art comes in various forms. It means different to different people. It is not something you can put in a nutshell. Over the years creativity has slowly started combining with sustainability to give us responsible art – art which not only has an aesthetic value but also has a deeper meaning in terms of doing something good.

Responsible art covers traditional crafting methods that use age old techniques and natural materials rather than machines that are used for mass production.

One of the main aims of responsible art is to empower the local, tribal artisans who practice these old traditions which have been passed down through generations. This creates a liveable source of income for these artisans who belong to the lower echelons of society.

The most recent buzzword related to responsible art is upcycling. Upcycling is the process of converting non-biodegradable materials into products that look very attractive and have high utilitarian value. Upcycling not only reduces the amount of toxic waste that goes to the landfills but drastically reduces the production of new non-ecofriendly products.

Upcycling is a fairly new concept. It is much better than recycling since minimal or no energy is required to convert the waste into a beautiful piece of art.

One of the most commonly upcycled materials are the vintage vinyl records. These outdated records are made from a special type of plastic which would take forever to decompose if dumped in the landfills. Instead, many upcycling companies convert them into products like wall hangings and key chains which are surprisingly quite spectacular to look at.

Under Responsible art, we also have socially conscious artists who create cartoons and graffiti that promote sustainable and natural living.

In many places in India, selfless companies and NGOs take it upon themselves to beautifully paint public walls that have been vandalised. Their art actually acts as a protection for these walls.



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